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Residential Property Conveyancing

One of the most exciting and important times in your life is the purchase of your new home. 


Whether you are thinking about purchasing your first home on your own or in conjunction with a friend or your partner there are many things that need to be considered before taking the big step.


Choose SJP Law for your Sunshine Coast property conveyancing. We help residential property purchasers and sellers, from pre-contract signing to settlement.

Our senior conveyancing paralegal, Renae Jeckeln, has been with us for more than 20 years and brings invaluable experience to her role.


We follow the Queensland Conveyancing Protocol standards to deliver a quality service, ensuring your interests are protected at all times.

We invite our clients to contact us prior to signing a contract. This gives us the opportunity to review the proposed terms and conditions and advise on any alterations that might be necessary to ensure that your transaction runs smoothly from start to finish.


Our fees are made up of professional fees and search costs, and as such, vary depending on your requirements. Contact us on 07 5443 6500 for an estimate based on your individual circumstances.


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What To Consider When Buying A Property

Some important things for consideration are:

  • Do you know what sort of area you buying into?
  • How do I know if there are any disputes with the neighbors?
  • Are there potential developments that could impact the value of your home in the future?
  • How do I know if the property is in good condition?
  • What if I have concerns about termites?
  • How do I know if structures such as carports and sheds are approved?
  • Who can help me with finance and where can I get my finance from? 
  • How much stamp duty will I pay and what other costs will I incur? 
  • Do I receive any government concessions for my first home?

If you have any of these questions or some further questions of your own our friendly staff can help you.  We can assist with property purchases and sales all over the Sunshine Coast for house and units. 


Once you have decided to buy your property, we can then talk you through all of the important issues to protect your interests in your property including things such as how you will hold that property with your other owner/s.


There is often a cross over of conveyancing, wills & estate and family law. For example, depending on the way you choose to hold your property, either as tenants in common or as joint tenants, this will determine whether or not you need to deal with your share of your property in your Will or not.  


Joint tenants mean that you and the other person or people that you have purchased the property with each hold an equal share no matter how many of you there are and upon one of more of you passing away, that persons share would automatically pass to the surviving owners by way of survivorship. 


It is common for husband/wife or partners to hold properties as tenants in common as upon the death of one party their interest automatically passes to their surviving partner.


Tenants in common are where two or more individuals have an interest in the property and the share nominated as your share when you purchase the property is the share that you have control of.  


Each tenant in common has the right to deal with their share in the property separate from the other co-owners.  


This is most often used when purchasing with family members or with blended families.   As a tenant in common, your share of any property will then be distributed in accordance with the terms of your Will.