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Sunshine Coast Family Law FAQ

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Family law disputes in Queensland can be complicated and often require a lot of expert knowledge and understanding of how to best navigate the system and the appropriate points of law to be relied on.

When you are involved in a family law matter on the Sunshine Coast you need to understand exactly what how things work, and how your matter will be considered in the eyes of the Family Court.  

The family lawyers at SJP are here to assist parties to reach an agreement firstly via the alternative dispute resolution process and, if unsuccessful, through the court.  We can provide the necessary advice to help you make informed decisions. 

We can also help you to identify any issues you may not have considered that may be important. 

Contact SJP on 07 5443 6500 Law to help you understand all of these important factors and circumstances.  

What is Family Law?

In Australia, the family law system is a legal practice area that relates to family relationships. 

It helps people going through a relationship breakdown of couples who marry, live together as de facto partners or have children together.

Family Law can apply at any time in the relationship – before, during and after the relationship.   

What about a Divorce?

People often confuse divorce with property settlement.   Once people have decided that they will not be able to work through their difference and reconcile, one of the steps they need to take is to file an application for a divorce.  

The divorce process is a separate process to dividing your assets through a property settlement, although the two are linked in some circumstances because of important timeframes and limitation dates that apply. 

SJP Law can help you to determine if you need a divorce or a property settlement or both.

What about Property Settlements?

One of the most difficult and confronting parts of the family law process is finalising your property settlement.   The property settlement process deals with issues concerning the financial arrangements between a couple before, during, and after a relationship.

It also deals with financial support known as spousal maintenance.   Property settlement works through the division of separating couple’s assets.  

It is not always easy or comfortable to do, and many people are reluctant to start the process because they do not understand how it works or are worried about time frames and costs.  

At SJP law we can assist you to understand how the property settlement will work and the time frames and costs around that.

Any more Questions?

If you have any more questions about family law on the Sunshine Coast, then you need to speak to SJP Law today.

We will handle your matter with integrity and honesty, so contact us today online or call us on 07 5443 6500 now.